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Truth In Fiction

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not to brag [Dec. 16th, 2003|09:16 am]
Truth In Fiction


so the guys and i put up 'Hollow' on garageband.com. we also decided to see how we'd do in Rock not Punk. Well we were all shooting for anything near 1000. There are 14,000 bands competing so we figured a good goal for not one of our strongest songs.

well round one ended and we were 1000ish...so we were like yeah cool man....but then...something happened

we went to round two and heres how we took off...

fri-we were 790somthing...we were like wow...this is exciting
sat-heres the convo dan and I had

JB:dan you gotta check this out
Dan:what did you break?
JB:we're total 215!

so were like we totally rock. well sun/mon i check damn 109...were 109 out of 4000 in round 2 and 126 out of 14,000.

well this morning i wake up and check...justin and I agreed that this is as high as we would go...bam...i was wrong...

::drum roll::
we are 67 with a 4.8...67th out of 4000 bands

and to be honest this song isnt our strongest song...oh man...i cant til tomorrow~

[User Picture]From: fleetingfaith
2003-12-16 08:02 am (UTC)
not to brag??? not to brag?!?! brag the fuck away! that's fucking amazing. great job to the guys!
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